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Brain Power Bundle

Brain Power Bundle

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Brain Power Bundle! Get the best of this collection all in a bundle! Load up on that neural nectar! 

The forgotten superfood. Humans have used mushrooms as food and medicine for thousands of years. Every mushroom has unique benefits, but something they all share is their adaptogenic and immune-supporting properties. Packed with beta-glucans and triterpenes— enjoy the impressive and versatile benefits of adding mushrooms to your diet! 

Mycelial Brain Tincture

Lions Mane Tincture

Mush 10 Powder

Manifest Tincture

Mush 10 Tincture

1st tier - SAVE 10%! (2oz. tincture bottles + 30 gram Mush 10 powder)

2nd tier - SAVE 15%! (4oz. tincture bottles + 60 gram Mush 10 powder)

3rd tier - SAVE 20% (6 oz. tincture bottles + 120 gram Mush 10 powder)

100% mushroom fruit bodies, no mycelium on grain, no fillers, no fluff, only the good stuff! Double extracted with hot water and cane alcohol. Keep a bottle on your bedside table, at your desk, in your purse, or in your backpack! Lab-tested and certified organic. 


Each product plants one tree - Learn more

Made with Love and Care by Mushroom Revival in South Deerfield MA


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